ICC Irvington CYO Basketball

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ICC CYO Program Rules


Please review the following rules that govern our program.


1. Eligibility 

1.1 All families who participate in the basketball program must be registered parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church and have their children enrolled in our Religious Education Program (CCD).


1.2 It is our hope that you will also become active members of the parish, and with your children, be active participants, not only in the sports program, but in the many spiritual and social life of the parish.


1.3 Catholic parishioners from neighboring parishes with no C.Y.O. Program may participate if space allows.


1.4 Non-parishioners may register and will only be accepted if space is available. If there are more non-parishioner applicants for a team with limited space, tryouts will be conducted for the non-parishioner applicants.


2. Code of Ethics


2.1 When you register you will be asked to attest to a  CYO Parent's Contract, which must be agreed to every parent/guardian. This new policy was created by the Archdiocese of New York to ensure a positive, sportsmanship filled environment for all involved.


2.2 Our basketball program is part of the Catholic Youth Organization; our teams will act accordingly with kindness and compassion as we represent Immaculate Conception parish both at home and on the road.


3. Fees




GRADES 1 & 2









1 Child





2 Children





3+ Children






4. Parent Responsibilities:  


4.1 It is the responsibility of each and every parent in the CYO program to do their part. When your child's team is on duty, you are required to pitch in. When your team parent asks you to help, we hope you will give generously of your time and energy. The program cannot work without the help of each and every one of you.


4.2 Every CYO basketball team in the program will be required to have an official team parent. It will be the responsibility of the team parents to work closely with the coaches to see that the gym is taken care of on the team's assigned day(s). They will also assist the coaches in communicating with the parents about changes in schedules, game times, etc. At registration, we will be asking for volunteers to be team parents. If you are able to, please consider stepping up to the plate. We really need your help!


4.3 The CYO Board will assign every team assigned days (no more than 3 days) in which they are responsible for the gym. This includes: setup and coverage of the concession stand; collection of admissions; keeping the gym clean and free of left overs; coverage of the time clock and management of the referees. There will be a board  member on call at all times, who will not be physically in the gym.


4.4 All uniforms must be returned at the end of the season with a penalty fee of $75, which will be strictly enforced. 


5. Team Tryout Policy


5.1 In grades 3-8, whenever a team has 5 or more parishioner players and 4 or more nonparishioner players signed up to play, tryouts will be held to determine the composition of the non-parishioner players on the team roster.


5.2 Catholic families whose child is not an active participant in CCD, or not attending Catholic elementary school are considered non­ parishioners for purposes of CYO eligibility.


5.3 Tryouts are conducted by the CYO board, and the final roster decisions are within the sole discretion of the CYO board, not subject to appeal. Coaches are not part of the tryout/selection process.


5.4 Returning players from the previous two consecutive seasons will be given consideration in the tryout process for their continued participation. They are not, however, guaranteed a spot on the roster solely by virtue of their past participation.


5.5 No family will be charged any fee if their child is not selected as part of the team.


6. Practice Schedules/Season Duration


6.1 Practice schedules will be promulgated once team rosters are determined, typically by early to mid-October.


6.2 The CYO regular season starts mid November and continues through to mid February. There will be no games scheduled during Christmas celebrations.  


6.3 CYO playoffs are held in late February/early March, and typically conflict with the School winter Break schedule.